When it comes to sports injuries, there are many different types. Some are more common than others. Many individuals that are new to sports don’t realize how many injuries they could be subjected to.

Strains and Sprains

It seems that no matter what sport one may be involved in at some point in time, they will end up with a strain or sprain injury. For some it may be very minor and they onllesiony require a few days of treatment. For others, this type of injury can be much more severe.

The sprain is as a result of over stretching of the ligaments. While they can happen in many different areas of the body, the most common areas are in the ankles or knees, and often in the wrist area.

Injuries to the Knees

Some sports don’t require the use of knee protection yet it is a common area of the body that often becomes subjected to sports injuries. There are several different types of knee injuries that can occur. Each of these injuries require specific treatments and can vary in the length of time it takes to recover from them. In some cases the injury leaves a weakness in the knee that has to be carefully watched in the future.

Injuries to the Shins

Injuries such as shin splints are also common and can be quite painful. At times it can take a long time to heal and is more likely to re-occur. As a result it can restrict sports people from enjoying their participation in their favorite sports on different occasions.


There are different types of fractures that range in their severity. It is not uncommon for these to occur in different areas of the body and most commonly in the foot or ankle as well as the arm. The recovery period can be quite lengthy for this type of injury.